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I nosed around and found out they were buying property along the river, and hotels, and food. Helping the community. It was an eye-opening experience.

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Georgia was having a downtime, and I thought more films would be a good way to get more money spent on Georgia. The Tiger showed grade-B films that were so bad they were actually good entertainment. Reynolds I went to Atlanta a lot. I was dating a lovely lady and driving back at four in the morning to work on the weekends.

Jon, he probably was out being a horticulturalist. I think he was testing plants.

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Rickman I was stacking wood out on the carport and Burt drove up. Dickey and Boorman began to butt heads. Real clean. Real simple.

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Terry We were at Kingwood, having drinks. I was talking to Boorman and Jim Dickey comes in drunk.

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Boorman He was drunk a lot, and he had become very overbearing with the actors. Eventually I had to ask him to leave. We carried on. Rickman Boorman and his wife, Christel, rented a house down at Kingwood, and boy, she threw the best parties.

She also bought all the lemons in town and made bowls of fresh lemonade that she took to the set. She rode around Clayton in a yellow convertible. Conflict with locals began to brew. Fowler Every character, with the exception of my husband [who played the doctor] and the four men going down the river, was portrayed as very limited.

Williams There was already conflict between the people that traditionally used the river and people coming in from the outside. Deliverance was like dropping an atomic bomb on the whole thing. Boorman When I was looking for locations up there, before we shot the film, I ran into the odd guy aiming a shotgun at me.

But on the whole, they were very helpful. So I took tons of notes and sat down and wrote a few thousand words. Boorman Chris was fourteen years old or something. It was a very happy shoot in my recollection. Everybody was very collegial. The locals were extremely helpful. King The two things that really made Deliverance last are the concept of the modern man with the primitive weapon against the primitive man with the modern weapon.

It was also an unprovoked attack by a rural element against an urban element. Chris Dickey The book and the movie played with the tension between the new South and the old South. The new South was Atlanta. The old South up in the mountains was a whole different world. Williams The whole history of the southern Appalachians is of impoverished people in a land that was just abused and worn out and overrun.

Then, on top of all that suffering, to have someone come in and make fun of you?

They deeply resented it. Chris Dickey From Summer of Deliverance : Hollywood paid these people and treated them as gently as it knew how to do, but it was hard to get over the feeling as the lights went on and the cameras rolled that souls were being stolen here. As the production wore on, the risk-taking and off-set drama intensified. Voight climbed hundreds of feet above Tallulah Gorge, and Reynolds voluntarily slid down a waterfall. Boorman Jon was in a very depressed state when I found him; he wanted to give up acting.

He says that I saved his life and then spent the whole film trying to kill him. James Dickey Letter to Jacques de Spoelberch, who edited Deliverance the novel, June 26, Yesterday we were filming the part where Ed climbs the rock-face, and if there was ever a harrowing piece of film-making, this was it. Jon Voight did as much of the actual climbing as he was able to, and wanted to do more, but Boorman was as frightened for his life as I was. I am deathly afraid that somebody will get hurt on this film, because there is no doubt that it is the most dangerous one ever made.

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If we can just get out of the gorge. King The woods represented a sort of mystery to Jim.

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I had a real touch with those people. And not because I was trying to talk like Erskine Caldwell. There was no way we could have made that movie without their permission. They let us shoot. James Dickey Letter to Jacques de Spoelberch, June 26, Burt Reynolds, who plays Lewis, cascades down about ninety feet of hurricane-rushing water. Burt did this, and the shots of him doing it are hair-raising indeed. Reynolds They sent a dummy over the waterfall and it looked like shit, like a dummy. So I went over the waterfall and hit a rock about a quarter of the way down and cracked my hip bone and my coccyx.

A mile down the river, they saw this nude man stumbling, crawling towards them. Rickman Frank had built a walkway and put strong poles and a large rope along the sides of the gorge for you to hold on to. So there were some precautions. Chris Dickey From Summer of Deliverance : To shoot that scene, a little deer was brought in from an animal park, and heavily tranquilized so it could be controlled. There was never any question of hurting it in any way. But it died. It had been given an overdose.

Deliverance (Urban Underground)

Boorman and his assistants were in a quiet panic. And Boorman was right there with us most of the time. It seemed dark enough. The set was closed. Its floor was so shadowed that small plants found it impossible to grow in the thick loam of the rotting leaves. The mountain laurel was not shrubbery but a collection of trees twisted like gnarled fingers reaching for the light. The whole effect was beautiful and threatening.

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This was where the rape scene was going to be filmed. Chris Dickey Nobody was sure how far it would go, or how convincing it would be. I was fully clothed. Rickman Frank [the local location scout] did say that was the thing to do. And they did it. Oh gosh. He was proud of it.