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Thus says the Priest of priests; "The world was never free from evil doers, but God the Protector gives victory to the pure and good; the Author of righteousness will protect the right; it is therefore best that you follow the right way. Escape of Zartusht from the feet of the Oxen. Short time elapsed when the miracles of Zartusht became known. The fire had had no effect upon him, and hid mother bore him borne free of pain and hurt. Again the magicians, fiends and Paris displayed their fierceness and bad intention; again they consulted and devised, in order to contrive a way to put him to death.

They secretly carried forth Zartusht by order of that Shah the leader of the aliens. They placed him in the narrow way, where the oxen were accustomed to pass; they threw down that unweaned babe in that narrow way, hopeless and forlorn, that when the oxen came by that way they might trample on him and destroy him. When the herd began to move, one advanced before the rest, mightier than the rest in strength and size, like him who presides among an assembly of men.

It came forward to the beautiful child, like a mother seeking her offspring; it protected the child between its forefeet with care in the name of God.

It was not possible for the rest of the herd to pass on it, or to trample the child under their feet. When one endeavoured to pass that way it stooped down its ears and shielded the child; until they all had passed, it moved not from the place. Then it resought the herd as the hawk its prey. The mother of Zartusht was filled with frenzy; every where she thought to behold her child. When she heard the story of the oxen, she hasted till she reached the spot.

Prayers for healing, deliverance, protection, exorcisms

Thence she raised up the beloved babe, and returned with thanks to her home: she called down a little curse with wailing and tears on that evil people of wrong doers. Escape of Zartusht from the feet of Horses. And when that news reached the wicked Duransarun, that Zartusht had escaped the feet of the bulls and not a hair of his body bad been injured, this news stung him to the heart, and he prepared another device. He sought for a narrow way, where wild horses used to pass.

Paradise Lost: Book 10

He ordered them to carry forth Zartusht, and cast him without food in that perilous way, that when the horses passed that way they might trample on his body. When the Shah gave this order they obeyed, but were disappointed in their hopes. They threw him where the herd used to pass; [] they left him there friendless and destitute. In that terrible place, the heart of the mighty, through the burning heat, waxed afraid. When the wild horses began to enter the defile, a single mare advanced before the rest.

By the command of God the cherisher, it came and stood by the pillow of the babe; it stood forward in defence of the noble child.

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The horses were unable to bite it. You would say that was the queen of mares, which both sheltered the child and befriended it. Again when the mother of Zartusht heard the news, she wandered everywhere as one distracted. She at length drew near her child, and her heart was afflicted at his danger. Many thanksgivings gave she to God, that her infant had met no harm from the horses. Again she bore him to her house; day and night her heart trembled on account of him; but while God was his Protector, what could Dews or Paris do to harm him?

If n hundred thousand accursed Dews came to work you ill, if they hear from you the name of God, they will one and all take to flight. Such is the name of the holy God; from it destruction shall reach the wicked.

Indian campaign of Alexander the Great

Miracle VI. Escapes of Zartusht from the Wolves. When the wicked king Duransarun saw no success from the wild bulls and horses, he perceived that God protected the child and was unable to discover any expedient. Again he set about contriving, and hardened his heart like steel. Then he ordered that search should be made for a place the abode of wolves, a place where the wolves harboured, that there they might seize and destroy their young, and then place there the infant Zartusht, and see if their cause of anxiety would thus be removed, that when the savage wolves descended from the mountains, they would find their young ones slain and be seized with fury; then certainly, they would tear Zartusht in pieces, and when hungry would devour his body.

They carried out Zartusht as the evil Shah directed. They slew the young wolves, and cast them there, and hastened back from the place. See now the providence of God, and always select the path of righteousness. When the old wolves came to the spot, they saw a painful sight — all their young slain. They beheld a single infant weeping there; and at once they rushed upon him, they prepared to tear him in pieces, and satiate their fury for the loss of their young.

The holy Zartusht by the will of God, in that danger moved nor head nor foot. He placed not his hand on the foremost wolf, yet in that instant its mouth was closed.

And the life of Zartusht was uninjured. The other wolves became tame, the fury of the savage wolves was calmed. Behold when the leader's heart waxes faint, the army trembles with fear. It was the will of God that the pack of wolves should become friendly, and injure not the child; they sat down besides his pillow, and forgot their resentment for the loss of their young. Such is the power of God, that he makes the savage wolf feel pity; therefore it is right that at all times, you should cause your lips to utter his name.

When the jaws of the wolf were closed, and it had taken its watch near the child's pillow, two cows descended from the mountain [] and come to that wonder of the age; they placed their teats filled with milk without deceit or evil purpose in his mouth. Who till that moment had seen the cow and the wolf together, and the jaws of the wolf closed from doing harm?

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The breath of the wolf will be with that of the cow, if it be the merciful will of God. God was merciful to that holy child; his body sustained no hurt from the wolves. By turns the cows gave him milk, until eventide was passed. When the bright sun lit up its crown of light, and the tree of ivory rose up from the wave, 3 the mother of Zartusht was weeping for her child, and was hastening through the deserts and mountains; she was crying out and making search, and endeavouring to find the road to her child; she knew not herself where her beloved one was, nor did any one shew her the right path.

When she saw that wolf on the summit of the mountain, fearless she hastened towards it. She imagined the wolf had torn her child and had rent his limbs. When she found her child, that chaste mother threw herself before God on her knees. She said, "O God, giver of mercies, thou gavest me this dear son, thou savedst him from the wild beasts and evil men. I testify that thou art one; neither in this world, nor in the next, is any like thee; it behoveth all things to praise thee, both the visible and invisible world.

We must confess our inability to follow the poet through these heights and depths.

Indian campaign of Alexander the Great

The words in the original are — "when the splendent sun lifted up his crown, and there appeared the ivory from the fountain of ebony. Does not Zartusht Behram here improve upon the Muhammadan idea of the sun rising from a fountain of black mud? She then took up her child. She wondered at the circumstance of the cow and wolf which she had seen near her child.

The news became known to the magicians, that the lamb had escaped from the wolves, that Zartusht was brought back in safety and gladness from that peril. Again they assembled together and prepared every art and contrivance.

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They said, "This our danger is lengthened out, we see no remedy for this; it is better for us to look into this matter, and obtain some fruit of our labour. I know respecting Zartusht, since I have examined regarding him with diligence, that he will not be destroyed by our counsels, since God protects him from every evil.

The glory of God has been revealed in him; we shall not find a key to this closed door. Bahman took him before God, and acquainted him with the secrets of the two worlds, of the prophets of the God of the world. He alone is the guide of the world: — the world shall receive its laws from him; his faith shall be established among men; there shall be a righteous king who shall render him good assistance; — he shall break every enchantment, and shall destroy every work of the Dews. What have his stars in store for him?

What meant that laughter at his birth? Tell it, whether betokening evil or good. All the propitious powers of heaven watch over him; all goodness is present with him; he shall guide all people in righteousness according to the will of God the cherisher. He shall make known the Zand-Avesta; he shall spread his name through the wide world; he shall drive out the wicked from the world; enchantment shall not remain, nor the doers thereof.