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Genesis This is clearly not a Bible account deserving of close scrutiny as far as morals are concerned. Even so, JW. To see this for yourself, please click here. Apparently the Society feels there is nothing inappropriate in revelling in the death of a person who has been killed by God by making her agonizing execution the subject of a coloring-in exercise. Witness parents should be seriously concerned about material such as this, which carries the potential to desensitize children to cruel violence and retribution.

As another example, on the same page on JW. All the while there is an expression of horror on her face, and a tear rolls down her cheek as the salt consumes her body.

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All of the above only serves to stigmatize disobedient people as being worthy of a cruel and painful death in the minds of loyal worshippers. It would not be a huge stretch to suggest that this new material on JW. Amazingly, this is not the only questionable material for children to be found on the new JW. Here is the image to download the PDF, click here …. Nonetheless, it was an extremely reckless way to resolve a custody dispute, showing a shocking disregard for human life. Few would disagree that the graphic portrayal of a baby about to be butchered with a knife by a soldier is wholly inappropriate imagery for young children to be exposed to.

Just because an account is mentioned in the Bible, does not necessarily make it appropriate educational material for children. Despite this, the Society evidently feels there is nothing wrong with graphically exposing young minds to the agonizing death of a women simply for looking in the wrong direction, or the violent threats made toward a defenceless infant. The portrayal of sex is rightly deemed off limits, but it seems violence is perfectly fine if a point needs to be made.

These latest apparent attempts at moulding young minds by desensitizing Witness children to brutal justice and the death of disobedient people are just as appalling. It all represents further evidence that there are no depths the Society will not sink to in their efforts to draw total obedience from future generations. Sorry, but you have misunderstood the posting guidelines. They handed out tiny complimentary cups of tomato soup, which I rated better than my own, haha.

My lobster bisque had huge chunks of lobster. They offer a plate of butter with balsamic drizzle and sea salt.

Then they come around with a tray of assorted breads! Out favorite meal of the trip Where to start The long line to check-in for the buffet? The fact that they make you pay before you enter the ballroom? All this before you are in the room! By the time they seated us in front of the kitchen door we were ready to leave! There is no buffet that could overcome the lack of welcoming we experienced.

All we felt was ripped off. We think our complaints must be common to them. Though there had been no example of hospitality training prior to the point we mentioned our concerns I declined because we were not looking for a comp—but a better experience. Then when hubby discovered there were no mimosas—or alcohol—included. We were definitely done. Asked the manager for a credit and her first response was a discount. We were not interested. Then she wanted to know what they could have done better? Instead everyone has to go ask if they should be in this line? The only part of this experience that was.

Now to make a sandwich! Oh well Own or manage this property? Claim your listing for free to respond to reviews, update your profile and much more. Cedar Creek.


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Profile JOIN. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Review of Stories. Improve this listing. Ranked 3 of 16 Restaurants in Cedar Creek. Certificate of Excellence. Cuisines: American. A teacher in training is required to have memorized the entire book of twelve to twenty pieces before attending an institute on that book.

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A Suzuki teacher teaches the repertoire memorized, a challenge but a tremendous advantage. One summer I had not seen mountains for too long so I chose to go to Aspen, Colorado. There I reviewed Book One. My work at the piano and singing have gone hand-in-hand with me down through they years. Little Michelle, age seven, seemed restless and a bit pale as she waited to play in her level A. But she kept insisting to her mother and me that she was feeling OK. She went in before the judge, played her four pieces extremely well, and won her level.

Her mother called me later from the hospital. The child was there with a ruptured appendix. Kari, who lived in Tripoli, began lessons a few weeks before she turned three. She won levels A, B and C in consecutive years, something that rarely happens. Two of my boys, Dino, age nine, and Sam, age 16, were honored with high ratings in February of this year. One of my greatest joys was singing for church services. Most of my solos are portions of scripture set to music. In summers, when church choirs are set free, I was invited to sing for churches in the area.

I was not only my joy, but a way of sharing my faith, and I sang from the depths of my soul. I am so thankful to God for the gifts of music I have been given, and for the opportunities I have had to share abundantly. Hopefully, the lives of the hundreds of children I have worked with, and those of their families, have been and continue to be blessed by the time spent together at the keyboard, the disciplines and life lessons they learned, as well as the lifelong skill and joy of playing the king of instruments, the piano.

I grew up in this church. My mom worked here when I was young, so I was at the church all the time growing up. I always had a bit of an issue believing in the Bible, but I accepted it because everyone else that I saw did.

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Lately, though, I have had some serious changes in my stance on Christianity. It has nothing to do with my spiritual leaders or any sort of misdirection from the church; it has really been a personal discovery. I have noticed a lot of hatred and judgement being passed on others under the guise of Christianity.

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This really speaks to me, as it is my goal in life to be as loving and accepting of as many people as possible. Our church is filled with loving and genuinely kind people. Bob was the minister and his creative style of ministry was appealing to us.

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We joined the Mariners group and began meeting our new community of friends. Over our 44 years as members of the church we have found many examples of how a church IS its people.

Our two children received their Christian upbringing through our family of Christian Educators. As adults both our kids have continued being active in a church family. Two years after we were members Bob was organizing small groups of people within the church to form Topic Groups. These groups would meet once a month in our homes and have a discussion topic for the meetings.

We joined a group of six couples and have been meeting for 42 years. We have had other couples join us and sadly some couples have left. We try to have six couples, so it has been a manageable group to fit in our homes. The relationships we have with these people are what has helped keep us worshipping at Cedar Heights Presbyterian Church.